Learning C++ Coding on Linux - Your First C++ Program

Quick Note: This was written by a fairly new programmer (4-6 months using C++ at the time of writing). Please comment or email me at ccmachine[at]gmail[dot]com if there are mistakes or things you believe i should/should not have said. However this also gives me a good perspective into what somebody completely new should know.

Why would you want to learn C++? It's a time-tested language that's been around over 20 years and as such, C++ code can be run on pretty much any computer or device you come across (so long as you compile it for such, more on that later).

What do you need to learn to code?

  1. A computer
  2. Logical and maybe mathematical skills (particularly for game programming), or at least common sense in both.
  3. A text editor and C++ compiler.

Obviously, coding can be pretty complex. For this I'm going to assume you're using Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution with a packaging system (apt, yum, synaptic, etc).

Program development

Programming Develop Your Own Software & Software Applications

Developing your own software can be a costly affair, first you need an Operating System to run the Integrated Desktop Environment or IDE both of which, on some systems need to be purchased, depending on your selection, the cost can run into many hundreds of pounds.

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