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HTML interface

The HTML - Javascript interface

As with any programming language, or natural language for that matter, the best and perhaps the only way to learn it, is to dive in and practice. Work through examples, or create you own simple examples to understand what the proram statements mean. Before undertaking these examples, it is assumed you have at least a working knowledge of HTML and preferably Cascading Style sheets (CSS). I.e. you can produce a web page using nothing more complicated than a text editor (notepad or gedit for example).

Learn To Code




What is Codecademy? Simply put it is a website that serves two distinction functions, first and most obvious is that it attempts through the use of lessons and exercises to bring an awareness and heighten sense of achievement when learning to programme. It does this through the use of tokens and points, although having completed the course available I am not sure what the maximum score achievable might be. There is no league table that I am aware of so cannot compare notes so to speak.

Address modes

Address modes

When constructing spreadsheets using drag and drop techniques you need to be aware of the two difference address modes. Relative and absolute addressing. The following two examples will highlight the difference.

Drag and drop

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop techniques can take a little practise to master. To illustrate, start with a blank spreadsheet and select cell A2 by simply clicking in it once. Notice that the border changes to a bold outline and in the bottom right hand side is an Autofill (or drag ) handle.



Working with Spreadsheets, cells and formulas

Recent experience with spreadsheets made me think it might be useful to explain to non users just how easy it is to use the features that are available with spreadsheets to log whatever data you wish. To show how brilliant spreadsheets can be I propose to explain how they can be used to keep track of say your bank account with a fully automated balance.