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Layout guide for novices

Formatting Drupal content

This page is provided as a guide for novice users, unfamiliar with HTML and CSS. It illustrates some very simple editing to show how to enhance the layout of a page. As well as standard HTML, some additional functionality is built into to theme to simplify the task of formatting, and to give the pages a consistent look and feel.

SoSLUG Banner Competition

Outline of Competition

You may have noticed, we recently upgraded the SoSLUG theme. One key feature of the new theme is the banner at the top of the page changes, depending on the page and section of the menu you are currently viewing. At present though quite a few sections do not have their own banner and so the default banner of a jigsaw, with a piece missing is used instead (see below for example).

Samsung ML_2525w

How to install a Samsung ML-2525W printer on a Debian Squeeze – 64 bit system.


There's the good, the bad and the down right ugly!

The ugly!

So we'll start with the ugly and get the rant over with.

Samsung are pleased to embed a Linux system into their printer, but in my view, pay not much more than lip service, to helping Linux users to install the required drivers. More will be revealed.

Solarization in Gimp

Solarization in GIMP - Howto


GIMP Ver 2.6 as a standard build lacks a solarization filter, putting a lot of people off in the process. However, it is easily installable as an extra from the Ubuntu repositories along with a shed load of other cool filters and work scripts.

To find more about Solarization visit the site below.

Wikipedia Solarization

Shared Directories

Sharing a directory with other account users on the same computer using Ubuntu



This is a short tutorial about sharing a common directory under the Linux Operating System environment between account users on the same computer. It is assumed you have at least one user installed on your system and that also the current user has admin (sudo) account privileges.