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Python & Pygame Tutorial - A lander game, step by step

This is a step by step look at the development of a simple 2D game using Python and Pygame. Some advanced language features such as objects have been deliberately left out, in an effort to make things easier to understand for beginners. I showed these code examples at my Pygame talk at Southend Raspberry Jam 3 on 16th August '14.

It runs in Python 2 or 3, and on Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pi and probably Mac too. You will also need Pygame installed. On a Raspberry Pi (Raspian, the usual distribution) or desktop Linux you can install everything needed by running this in a terminal:

Sonic Pi 2 - How to: Install

Sonic Pi is a fun free tool that uses the Ruby language, intended to teach programming to children or anyone. It is still in the final stages of development, thus isn't packaged or in the Raspbian repositories yet.

On the Raspberry Pi, to download it, open a terminal in the menus through Accessories -> Terminal. Go here and follow the steps: Tar is an archive file format, much like ZIP files.tar -xvzf is one way to extract all files.

When it starts, type:

play 80