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Solarization in Gimp

Solarization in GIMP - Howto


GIMP Ver 2.6 as a standard build lacks a solarization filter, putting a lot of people off in the process. However, it is easily installable as an extra from the Ubuntu repositories along with a shed load of other cool filters and work scripts.

To find more about Solarization visit the site below.

Wikipedia Solarization

Shared Directories

Sharing a directory with other account users on the same computer using Ubuntu



This is a short tutorial about sharing a common directory under the Linux Operating System environment between account users on the same computer. It is assumed you have at least one user installed on your system and that also the current user has admin (sudo) account privileges.


Forum administration

This procedure applies to moderators/administrators only and to all comments in general. Comments need to be dealt with as soon after they arrive as possible. This is especially true of forums if they are to be kept alive.

Go adminster > comments to obtain theview shown below. Then select the Approval queue tab.

Join forum discussion

Anyone who has logged in, in may join a discussion. You don't have to be a member of the Linux User Group (LUG). Once logged in, simply select the topic on which you wish to express a point of view and click add comment. You may also add a reply to any of previous comments, for example, if you know the answer to a question, or problem,

When a comment has no replies, it may be (optionally) edited by its author. The comment module uses the same input formats and HTML tags available when creating other forms of content.

Forum blocks and enhancements

Add forum blocks

The forum module has three blocks which can be added, either to one of the sidebars, or to the content itself, if and when required. The use of the forum blocks is optional and depends on your site layout requirements. The blocks are disabled by default and are,