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Add forum topic

You need special privileges to add a forum topic. Go to create content > forum topic to obtain the form shown below. This form is also identical to that of a content page, and is completed in much the same way. A forum topic is the start of a threaded discussion

Setup forum

Setting up a Drupal forum

You need special privileges,usually administrator rights, to be able to set up a forum The forum module of Drupal is quite basic, but if you don't anticipate a large user group then this module will get you started. Once you have gained some experience you may wish to explore and install the advanced forum module.

Setting up a forum is a two part process. First set up up the forum, via administer > forums. The privileges to do this may be restricted solely to administers.



Forums allow members to discuss topics with one another, that are relevant to clubs aims. The results of these discussion can be then be archived for future reference.

Topics, for discussion are posted to a forum. The initial post "kicks off" the discussion to which members can attach their thoughts and comments, to form a threaded discussion, It works a bit like a Question and Answer session. Inevitably any given topic may provoke further questions, and so a forum can be divided into a number of sub topics, which discuss a specific aspect of the main forum.

Create new menu

Creating a new Drupal menu

There may come a point when a menu has become to large and unwieldy to manage and needs to broken into a number of smaller sub menus. Each chunk in the original menu then has to be moved to its new menu location

This procedure is for administrators only

About the Southend Drupal theme

About the Southend theme

The theme currently being developed on the web design section of the Drupal SoSLUG site is called, not surprisingly, Southend. (see menu, Networking > Web design).
While this may appear to be part of the SoSLUG site, its actually a separate site, which is being used as a test bed for the ideas and changes members wish to make. At some point these changes will migrate across to the main site. In the meantime, by comparing the two, you can judge for yourselves, whether the changes are positive or not.