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Different Background Images for each Cube Surface

This has been bugging us at SoSLUG for some time well ok then, me. In compizconfig-settings-manager >> Desktop Cube if you set your number of desktop surfaces to four (4) this gives you your basic cube and quite naturally you would assume given that you can define each of the chosen images for each face, that each desktop image would display the selected image you have chosen. You would think that wouldn't you I know I did.

Console Commands

Console Commands and the Command Line

Did you know that, and unlike M$ systems almost everything you can run using a GUI '''(Graphical User Interface)''' you can replicate using the command line and believe it or not from the command line things start to speed up. Why would you use scripting how could you benefit from using it, well say you had a web site most people have one or more that they and others contribute to.


Pimp Mobile - Hardware

Linux Desktop

Desktop Applications and Howto's

This Desktop section and Howto's cover applications that run from the Gnome, KDE, XFCE and many other Xserver window managers. These applications are defined as programs that run from one or more of the Windows Managers above rather than from a console session.

Modifying an ASUS Eee 701

*WARNING* Modifing your Eee will invalidate your warranty and can be destructive if not performed correctly, it is also addictive!

Now my shiny Eee is running Ubuntu nice and smoothly, it was time to invalidate the warranty and add some funky goodies in the shape of extra storage and bluetooth.

The 701 conveniently has some space next to the memory slot, and this is a great place to hide the newly added gadgets.

A quick trip to tesco's procured the necessary hardware