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Sonic Pi 2 - How to: Install

Sonic Pi is a fun free tool that uses the Ruby language, intended to teach programming to children or anyone. It is still in the final stages of development, thus isn't packaged or in the Raspbian repositories yet.

On the Raspberry Pi, to download it, open a terminal in the menus through Accessories -> Terminal. Go here and follow the steps: Tar is an archive file format, much like ZIP files.tar -xvzf is one way to extract all files.

When it starts, type:

play 80


Espeak A Very Easy and Powerful Festival Alternative

Festival for many years has been the mother of all vocabulary text to speech systems available however it is complex to install especially if you need other voices. Espeak takes the pain out of installation that can challenge the most accomplished or seasoned Linux user. Ubuntu comes with Espeak pre-installed and even if this is not installed it only takes seconds to do so, unlike festival which takes many minutes.