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Desktop customisation.


Following on from my page on resetting your wallpaper, I though it may be appropriate to look at some simple tweaks to modify your desktop further, to begin to customise it just how you want it. I'm using a Gnome desktop here, but KDE based systems will be similar.

Desktop and other miscellaneous applications

Desktop Applications

This section aims to list useful software by category that is not covered in the other software categories. In particular generic applications, such as Libre Office for example along with other general purpose software tools. Also listed are a number of Howto articles which may help a novice user, or even an experienced user, customise or install software to meet a specific need.


Tutorial Video Resources

This page divides its its appropriate sections internet links to video tutorials found on the web. Where possible we only direct you to confirmed links and to links that only contain the material being searched for. If you don't see any links here to the various videopodcast's this is due to the fact they are on the menu in in the left hand column.



Often when speaking to new (often enthusiastic) Linux users, they are anxious to personalise their computers as quickly as possible. After all, they've heard all about how Linux is so configurable and they want some of it.

For many, this means a different background is their very first choice and the aim of this page, is to show novices just how easy it is.

In order to demonstrate the procedure, I'll change my Debian computers wallpaper from the standard background, to a picture taken at random from the Internet.

Asus EEEPC Networking

Asus EEEPC Networking problem

We seem to have a steady stream of Asus eeePC lately most with Linux Xandros as a base operating system, the problem this time revolved around the failure of the eeePC to communicate via an encrypted network. In the main most wireless network routers are capable of between two or three levels of network encryption across the wireless access point.

These range from :