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Firefox 3 install on ASUS EEEPC

Howto install Firefox3 with the Asus EeePC

Brian came to (SoSLUG one of our regulars), us last week with two possible methods for the installation of Firefox3, we thought we would try them out for the benefit of the many of our members that have one. You might be wondering why you should want to upgrade from firefox2 to firefox3, both look identical however firefox3 is a little faster than it's older cousin however it's most interesting feature is it's ability to page zoom, simply by using the "Ctrl +" and "Ctrl -" this allows you view any given page to your screen.

Shutting down xserver in Debian.


What one would have thought as being a simple run level change, to get to a text level in the main, doesn't work in Debian. It defaults to run level 2, which does not comply with convention and any attempt to transfer to a text mode, is met with resistance. This is particularly frustrating, if you want to install a Nvidia proprietary graphics driver, as this has to be installed with xserver not running.

Mounting USB Drives

Mounting USB external drives in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

I don't believe the data here in is any longer relevant and can be safely archived

We came across this interesting problem with Hardy Heron the other day, we wanted to insert a USB flash drive into a computer running the latest Linux distro and access it's contents. It obviously tried to mount the device into the file system but something was stopping it.

Gimp Podcast Publication

Rolf Steinort - Meet The Gimp Video Tutorials DVD

Do Not Purchase No Funding Available to Produce Videos Very Sorry - Derek Shaw(SoSLUG)

Purchase of this DVD has now been suspended.


FLV file converter in Linux

Using "mencoder" to create "flv" from "3gp" video format files

Many website nowdays are using swf and flv file formats to play videos hosted on there site or sites, it's advantage is clear in that the file itself is often in comparison to regular video format files smaller and easier ti upload so the the site is able to hold and run more video content with much less bandwidth than would normally be required.