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Why Choose Linux

Twenty Four Reason's Why You Should Choose Linux

As an alternative operating system Linux scores on a number of points compared with it's costly alternative so we will list them.


Procedure for the Installation of Spelling Dictionaries in Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

This is a quick howto for the enabling of spell check function for Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client.

How to build your own External USB hard drive.


After a recent crash that caused some loss of data (not Linux), I decided to look at the possibility of an external USB back-up drive, in order to back up on a more regular basis; I lost about a weeks worth of data plus some email records. The thinking behind it was to have a drive that would back-up from both Windows® and Linux machines and therefore, the file system had to be recognised by both systems.



Having now moved almost everything to Debian Etch, I'm now spending more time in this environment and hence using Iceweasel as my primary bowser. However, although I spent a little time getting various multimedia plugins to work in Iceweasel, I came across an annoyance when using links from various emails I receive within IceDove.

VMWare on Ubuntu Gutsy 64bit

After installing the 64bit version of Ubuntu, I like many others found that any 32bit virtual machines would no longer play. Trawling through the forums found a fix. Ubuntu 64bit does not install some of the 32bit libraries needed to run the virtual machines. This can be corrected by typing 'sudo apt-get install ia32-libs' in your favorite command shell. Once installed the virtual machines will now run correctly. No reboot or log out needed. Many thanks to the many forums posters on Ubuntu for this solution.