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Smoothwall express 3.0 Firewall - Project to reuse an old pc as a firewall/router

Like a lot of people I have at least one old pc kicking around in the loft, so I decided to put it to better use than gathering dust and install some linux on it! I have a home network and have never got round to buying a router for it, instead relying on pc to share the internet connection. This started out many years ago with an old 486 running or should I say crawling Windows 98, but all it had to do was route the traffic and it did remarkably well. A few years on and a couple more PC's on the network this had to be replaced.

Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu Studio 8.04 (Hardy Heron) 64Bit


Live DVD and Installation on one 1Gb disk

Why Choose Linux

Twenty Four Reason's Why You Should Choose Linux

As an alternative operating system Linux scores on a number of points compared with it's costly alternative so we will list them.


Procedure for the Installation of Spelling Dictionaries in Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

This is a quick howto for the enabling of spell check function for Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client.

How to build your own External USB hard drive.


After a recent crash that caused some loss of data (not Linux), I decided to look at the possibility of an external USB back-up drive, in order to back up on a more regular basis; I lost about a weeks worth of data plus some email records. The thinking behind it was to have a drive that would back-up from both Windows® and Linux machines and therefore, the file system had to be recognised by both systems.