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Merging Avi and Mpg Video's

Howto Merge two or more Mpg or Avi Video's Together

Below are examples of command line tools that concatenate or append Video formats together, the merging is accomplished using the command called cat. This common unix tool is extremely versatile with many uses not related to the function we intend for it. The easiest way to demonstrate a use for cat is a practical application of it's use.


How to convert YouTube videos to DivX or XviD

We wanted to be able to play flv's on a standalone player, however as you can not stream the video backwards or forwards when playing through a site's Flash videos or with a standalone player, it was though preferable to convert the flv's videos into formats that would allow a greater degree of file manipulation.

FLV converter

FLV file converter in Linux

Using "mencoder" to create "flv" from "avi" video format files

Many website nowdays are using swf and flv file formats to play videos hosted on there site or sites, it's advantage is clear in that the file itself is often in comparison to regular video format files smaller and easier to upload so the the site is able to hold and run more video content with much less bandwidth than would normally be required.

How to install a firewall in Debian.


What is a firewall?

Just as a building has a firewall and possibly a fire door to try to isolate a fire on one side of the wall, preventing it spreading to the other side, a computer firewall does much the same. However, it's not concerned with fires, but more to the point, unauthorised entry and use. It most commonly, sits between the computer and the Internet, although in complex networks, there can be others within the overall system.

Disabling Shutdown and Reboot in Ubuntu

How to disable Shutdown and Reboot for low level users in Ubuntu

I have a Linux machine used by my Wife and children and I wanted to remove the ability for them to shutdown or reboot the PC when they log off. I normally am in the process of downloading or have others things running in another session, shutting down terminates any process or applications that are running in other sessions.