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Copying commercial DVD's.


Contrary to the title, this page ''is not'' about pirating DVD's. We at Soslug, recognise all forms of copyright and licensing, however, there is also an argument that fair use is being stifled by encryption introduced by commercial operators. It is in this context, the following information is offered. There are all sorts of reasons you may wish to have a copy of a commercial DVD. Young children for example, are notorious for destroying discs through carelessness.

Hardrive Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore

A hard disk can be composed of many things but essentially the only data it holds is a series of 0 (zero's) and 1 (ones) most of what is contained within a hard disk therefore is empty space ie a 0 (zero's) that being the case it should be possible to design an algorithm that takes advantage of this and save only the data needed, well we have news for you such an application is already available.

ASUS P5W DW Motherboard

Sound for Linux using ASUS P5W DW

After trying many tutorials scattered around the web with no luck, the problem was discussed at one of our regular SOSLUG meetings, and found that the Dell Inspirion 1521 shares a similar audio chipset that requires the Intel HD driver to function. The following is taken from the Dell 1521 page.

You need to blacklist the "snd-hda-intel" kernel module from being loaded automatically by appending it to /etc/hotplug/blacklist


CF Linux

Linux on Compact Flash Card

For some reason we at SoSLUG seemed to have great difficulty finding information that would enable us to install a Linux system to a Compact Flash Card.

Dell Inspiron 1521

Dell 1521


If you want to install Ubuntu for this machine type we recommend you install the Lucid Lynx version 10.04, the 64Bit version functions as adequately as the 32Bit version, however apart from some slowness I noticed when using the browser the 64 bit seems just as good as that of the 32 bit version at least as far as I know. Lucid Lynx Version 10.04 is the LTS (Long Term Support) there are later version from Ubuntu, Linux Mint and others that may work but so far the only one I have found that the wireless works on 64 bit and 32 bit is Lucid Lynx.