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Vendors and ISPs have work to do updating firmware - if it's possible to fix this

All over the world, systems administrators are scrambling to fix the OpenSSL “Heartbleed” bug.

The Humble Bundle for PC & Android 9 has added three more puzzlers to sweeten its already unbeatable deal — and all available for Linux.

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Microsoft, Adobe move to fix more security flaws

Microsoft has released patches for critical security vulnerabilities in Word and Internet Explorer on what is to be the final Patch Tuesday update for Windows XP systems.

IBM today celebrated the 50th anniversary of the mainframe computer. As part of this event, IBM is promoting three upcoming online courses that focus on building enterprise computing talent. One of these is the recently announced Intro to Linux course from the Linux Foundation, which starts August...

Bezos & Co patch mammoth web infrastructure to stop memory-leaking frightener

Amazon is working to patch "Heartbleed" memory-leak vulnerablities in its Amazon Web Services hosting infrastructure.

You've probably heard Jono Bacon speak at a Linux or Open Source conference. Or maybe you've heard one of his podcasts or read something he's written in his job as Ubuntu's community manager or even, perhaps, read The Art of Community, which is Jono's well-regarded book about building online communities. Jono also wrote and performed the heavy metal version of Richard M. Stallman's infamous composition, The Free Software Song. An excerpt from the Jono version kicks off our interview, and the complete piece (about two minutes long) closes the video. Please note that this video is a casual talk with Jono Bacon, the person, rather than a talk with the "official" Ubuntu Jono Bacon. So please, pull up a chair, lean back, and join us. (Alternate Video Link)

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With Ubuntu placing all of its eggs in a 'convergence' shaped basket, it's left to smaller Linux distributions to push forward the more traditional desktop paradigm that most users are comfortable with.

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One reason technology choices are so difficult is technology is always a work in progress; your one choice has lasting consequences since the technology rarely ever lives on its own, and most good technology is never done -- that is unless you’re Windows XP. As most of us know, Microsoft today is turning off support for Windows XP. That means that roughly 30 percent of all Windows users will cease to get security updates and other ongoing maintenance. Since hackers disproportionately target Windows products, this is a big deal.

Today, April 8, finally sees Microsoft cut the cord on Windows XP after more than eleven years of support — or does it?

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Thanks to WINE and its commercial big brother, CrossOver, you can run some popular Windows programs on Linux.