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DivvyCloud, a fast growing McLean, VA cloud management technology company, has been included in “2015 Cool Vendors” for Cloud Management by Gartner. The report finds “next-generation cloud management architectures are becoming easier to use and implement. more>>

Cloud storage jungle shenanigans

Life in the cloud storage gateway jungle gets tougher and tougher as cloud file sync 'n' sharers invade the storage gateway space. CTERA is taking on the file sync'ers directly.

The Linux Mint powered Mintbox Mini PC has been given the preview treatment – and is easily dwarfed by a regular tennis ball!

The post The MintBox Mini Is Eye-Rubbingly Small was written by Joey-Elijah Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

Review: Four months of use have made the Scales fall from my eyes

Scale Computing makes hyper-converged appliances targeted at small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). When you think of headline names for hyper-convergence – EVO:Rail, Nutanix, SimpliVity – you don't tend to think of "SMB". VMware-based name-brand hyper-convergence tends to be in the $150,000+ range, while Scale starts delivering at $25,500. But what, exactly, is Scale delivering?

Power 8 gets some four-socket goodness

IBM wants to win the spec-war with Chipzilla: in response to a growing number of x86 vendors pitching four-socket Haswell-EX-based mobos, Big Blue has announced the Power E850.

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Microsoft and Canonical are partnering up on IoT.

Chillhub is the world's first smart fridge running Ubuntu. It will be demoed at May's Internet of Things world conference in San Francisco.

The post Meet ChillHub, The Smart Fridge That Runs Ubuntu was written by Joey-Elijah Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

Cure your fear of updates

The three biggest challenges for IT managers are security, reliability and performance. Ideally, an organisation’s software will excel at all three but in practice we know that isn’t true.

Comment From end-points to remote offices

It's not the end after all. End-point backup 'n' sharing biz Druva believes it can extend its end-point expertise to remote offices.