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Xnote.1 - the Swiss Army knife of malware

Cybercrooks have cooked up a backdoor for Linux-powered systems that boasts multiple malicious functions.

There is no dearth of image editing applications for Chrome OS powered devices. However, like any other image editing software, these apps are a bit resource intensive. 
Too many open-source programs try to get by on a shoe-string, and our technology suffers for it. The Linux Foundation is working on funding these projects.
An anonymous reader writes A new multi-purpose Linux Trojan that opens a backdoor on the target machine and can make it participate in DDoS attacks has been discovered and analyzed by Dr. Web researchers, who believe that the Chinese hacker group ChinaZ might be behind it. "First, Linux.BackDoor.Xnote.1 sends information about the infected system to the server. It then goes into standby mode and awaits further instructions. If the command involves carrying out some task, the backdoor creates a separate process that establishes its own connection to the server through which it gets all the necessary configuration data and sends the results of the executed task," the researchers explained.

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If you manage to snag an Ubuntu Phone in one of the online flash sales due to take place from this week you’ll no doubt be looking for something to keep your device protected.

Bq has you covered with an exclusive ‘Ubuntu Edition’ of their popular Duo case accessory designed especially for the Aquaris E4.5, which is being made available for purchase alongside the handset.

Priced at ten cents shy of €17, the side-opening case is made from moulded polycarbonate to offer a perfect fit for the handset. It features a round cutout on the lid for glimpsing trivia in the welcome screen circle, which offers up details on the number of photos taken, number of texts received, etc. in a given day.

On the reverse there is a cutout for the 8MP camera and dual-LED flash and some stylish Ubuntu branding.

Existing cases for the Aquaris E4.5 will also fit the device, including Bq’s own colorful line of gummie and crystal cases.

Interested? Although not available to buy, you’ll find the item listed on the Bq website.

Bq Ubuntu Phone Duo Case

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Comment There are limits

VMware's VVOL allows VMware admins to manage storage arrays through the API – but it doesn't necessarily mean they get to use all the VVOL data services.

The Ubuntu Phone from Bq

Ubuntu for Phones may not quite have turn-by-turn navigation smarts on hand, but it does boast some real-time traffic data thanks to a partnership with INRIX.

The company will provide traffic, incident and parking reports for the world’s first Ubuntu smartphone, helping users stay up-to-date with planned routes.

“By providing incident updates, parking location and availability information and live feeds from traffic cameras, INRIX data puts Ubuntu users in the driving seat, saving them fuel, time and frustration,” INRIX say of the deal.

The data will be surfaced through the NearBy Scope to offer users with incident alerts, including estimated impact on journey time, feeds from traffic cameras (select locations only) and information on parking facilities in the local area.

The features will require the GPS and other location data to be enabled and an active cellular data connection to work. Depending on the refresh rate/lifecycle status of the NearBy Scope (life cycle policy can affect this) users may need to ‘pull to refresh’ to get the latest data. The scope also needs to be set to ‘on the move’.

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Megacorp moves towards making own Android mobes

Alibaba, which held the largest IPO in history after raising $25bn, has bought a minority stake in Meizu, the Chinese manufacturer of Android-based smartphones.

3.20 is next and 4.0 is nowhere in sight

Version 3.19 of the Linux kernel has been signed off by Linus Torvalds.

Developer decides to move on to pastures new

The British developer behind the CrunchBang Linux distribution has called it quits.