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Xubuntu has introduced a new slimmed down version of the main distro called Xubuntu Core.

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The storage giant is partnering up to bring its hardware to the major OpenStack clouds.

Not ready for the jump to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7? Be of good cheer, Red Hat is still improving Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x.

Review But your server bits get rustled, cowboy

The Debian Project may not be that slow with new releases, but sometimes it feels like it. The project typically releases a new version "when it's ready," which seems to work out to about once every two years lately.

All your STBs are belong to the cloud

ARM has become the latest silicon vendor to pitch a major network function virtualisation (NFV) strategy, and has announced a partnerships with Applied Micro and Netzyn, and with Enea.

Rough around the edges, not sure why it exists but ripe for innovation and productisation

Chris C Kemp, the former NASA CIO credited with originating OpenStack, has predicted stacks-in-a-box that make the cloud platform more accessible and easier to use aren't far off.

Hiring managers are looking for candidates with experience in open source. Employers will often ask you for your GitHub username along with - or instead of - your resume. So, if you’re all new to open source, where should you get started?

CoreOS Fest The big D is still going its own way

There was an elephant in the room at the inaugural CoreOS Fest in San Francisco this week, although like most such purported pachyderms it took a while before anyone would mention it.

'Emotional tribulations' within software giant on open-sourcery

Surprise, surprise; snake-charmer EMC is open-sourcing its ViPR Controller product.