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Absent for almost a year, BlackBerry has returned to the fray with the striking Passport, an updated OS and Blend – a secure desktop companion for the phone.

Mcusanelli writes: GNOME 3, the open source desktop environment for Linux systems that once earned a lot of ire, is receiving newfound praise for the maturity of GNOME Shell and other improvements. The recent release of version 3.14 capped off a series of updates that have gone a long way toward resolving users' problems and addressing complaints. One of the big pieces was the addition of "Classic mode" in 3.8, which got it into RHEL 7, and Debian is switching back as well.

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Now, about that consumer AV 'protection'...

All eyes are on Windows 10, but Microsoft has also slipped out a technical preview for the parallel, but as yet unnamed, Windows Server.

So hurry up and get a new one, will all of you who took exams for 10g and lower?

Oracle has decided that holders of its database certifications must re-certify.

It is difficult to describe the joy of watching an object that you have designed being materialized in front of your eyes. Even more satisfying is watching it print on a machine you built yourself with open source hardware and control with open source software on Linux.

The new Linux Foundation certification exams are proving to be very popular, but very tough.
The new Linux Foundation certification exams are proving to be very popular, but very tough.

Linus Torvalds unleashed version 3.17 of the Linux kernel on Sunday and it's packed with improvements. 

Wouldn't it be a shame if your vulnerability database had a vu... patch now

The Mozilla Foundation has warned of a number of recently discovered vulnerabilities in its Bugzilla bug-tracking tool that could give attackers access to sensitive information about software projects.

Spotify, aptly called the "Netflix for music," is yet another example of how Linux and open source enable businesses to serve millions of customers using state-of-the-art, shared technologies.