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When you have a need that Apache can’t fill, it’s good to know there are alternatives available.

'Flash sales' – not that kind of Flash, silly

The first Ubuntu Linux smartphones go on sale next week, after more than a year of chatter about the upcoming release.

If you can't beat 'em ...

Oracle sometimes seems to be a bit miffed by enthusiasm for Linux container darling Docker because its own Solaris “Zones” have done containers for ages.

Raises $150,000 as netizens rush to back encryption and privacy software

Werner Koch is looking at a big payday after pulling in over $150,000 to fund the continuing development of his crucial open-source GNU Privacy Guard encryption tools.

At least one is already being exploited – and more will targeted

People still using Adobe Flash should update the plugin after the Photoshop giant patched 15 remote-code execution holes in its screen-door software.

jones_supa writes In an interesting Google+ post, the lieutenant Linux developer Greg Kroah-Hartman mentions him fully moving to rolling-release Linux distributions: 'Finally retired my last 'traditional' Linux distro box yesterday, it's all 'rolling-release' Linux systems for me. Feels good. And to preempt the ask, it's Arch Linux almost everywhere (laptop, workstation, cloud servers), CoreOS (cloud server), and Gentoo for the remaining few (laptop, server under my desk).' What's your experience? Would in the current situation a rolling-release operating system indeed be the optimal choice?

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Hard yards and difficult years lie ahead

It’s Satya Nadella’s first year as chief executive of the world’s largest software company.

Ten highlights from Ballmer's successor's first 12 months

One year ago, on February 4, 2013, Microsoft's board of directors appointed Satya Nadella the third chief executive in the company's history. So what do we have to show for it, so far?

Gaming firm set to give details on glNext

Games giant Valve says it will release details about a promised successor to the OpenGL graphics API at a conference in San Francisco next month.

Head of Open Source at Facebook James Pearce describes the importance of cross-collaboration and open source software.