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One of Linux's advantages has always been that you rarely need to reboot it. Now, a new program, CloudLinux's KernelCare, tries to make rebooting totally unnecessary.

 David Goldberg is ConteXtream's lead software engineer and was the first software developer to join the next generation SDN product team. David is also leading ConteXtream’s contribution to the OpenDaylight project and  is one of the top commiters to the LISP Flow Mapping project.

Still OS X–exclusive so far ... but now you can fix that

Code-sharing site GitHub has announced that Atom, its highly customizable code editor, has left beta and its full source code is now available to world+dog under the MIT open source license.

Holding out hope of seeing Codemasters' games rock up on Linux? The British company has said support for Linux is 'a matter of when, not if'.

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And we're so nice, we're telling you how to dodge them

When I first became involved with networked PCs, the company I was working with was upgrading its NetWare 2.0a installation to 2.15. We were pushing the boundaries of networking with our three-way gateway connecting Ethernet, Token Ring and PCnet.

Firefly creeps into frame of Red Hat's $175m Ceph-ie

Red Hat may have just agreed to buy Ceph-backer Inktank, but that hasn't slowed down the open source project.

Now is a great time for software developers of all stripes to start experimenting with Tizen says project contributor Leon Anavi. The upcoming Tizen Developer Conference, to be held June 2-4 in San Francisco, offers an ideal way to get up to speed, meet other developers and start hacking, he said.

Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 ships with GNOME 3.10 for a solid, stable desktop experience. But if you're looking for the latest and greatest, here's how to upgrade to GNOME 3.12.

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Pin-compatible x86 and ARM SoCs can share same motherboard

AMD has announced that it will create pin-compatible 64-bit x86 and ARM SoCs in an effort it's calling "Project SkyBridge", and that it has licensed the ARMv8 architecture and will design its own home-grown ARM-based processors.

An all-new graphics engine is on course to arrive in the next major release of esteemed Linux racing game SuperTuxKart.

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