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Heartbleed-battered crypto library reveals long path back to health

The OpenSSL project, having suffered sharp criticism following the revelation of a string of serious security vulnerabilities, has published a roadmap explaining how it plans to address users' concerns.

Mcusanelli writes: The Linux Foundation and its partners have released the first version of Automotive Grade Linux, the open source platform for use inside connected cars. "AGL is building the industry’s only fully open automotive platform, allowing automakers to leverage a growing software stack based on Linux while retaining the ability to create their own branded user experience. Standardizing on a single platform means the industry can rapidly innovate where it counts to create a safe and reliable connected car experience. Open collaboration within the AGL community means support for multi-architectures and features to bolster the in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) experience." Further details and source code are available from the official website.

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In news that few following the saga will find surprising, the team behind a highly publicised open-source hardware effort has announced that it is calling time on the project.

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Improved protection as firm updates its object storage software

Scality has upgrade its RING object storage software to v4.3.

ISC Leipzig It's all getting a bit terafloppy in Deutschland

The International Supercomputer Show in Leipzig, Germany, was full of fascinating things at the high-end grunt front of the computing business. Here's what attracted this roving hack's eye.

Unbelievable... Chessington's nowhere near London

Retro computing fans will be thrilled to hear IBM is working on floating mainframe platforms onto the cloud even as its pours cash into the rollout of its SoftLayer offering which will hit London this week.

VCs fling $8m at FOSS OS that updates like a browser

A company with a mad plan to right the wrongs perpetrated on the world by traditional operating systems has released its first commercial product after taking in $8m in venture capital funding.

Fans of the Rhythmbox CoverArt Browser plugin will find plenty of new features in its latest beta, which is now available for testing.

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Back in April we found ourselves enamoured by a promising new podcast app for Ubuntu called 'Vocal', and now you can help test it.

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A new version of KDE Connect for Android and the Plasma desktop has been released and adds a number of new features, including file sending.

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