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jones_supa writes "At FOSDEM 2014 some recent developments of GNU Hurd were discussed (PDF slides). In the name of freedom, GNU Hurd has now the ability to run device drivers from user-space via the project's DDE layer. Among the mentioned use-cases for the GNU Hurd DDE are allowing VPN traffic to just one application, mounting one's own files, redirecting a user's audio, and more flexible hardware support. You can also run Linux kernel drivers in Hurd's user-space. Hurd developers also have working IDE support, X.Org / graphics support, an AHCI driver for Serial ATA, and a Xen PV DomU. Besides the 64-bit support not being in a usable state, USB and sound support is still missing. As some other good news for GNU Hurd, around 79% of the Debian archive is now building for GNU Hurd, including the Xfce desktop (GNOME and KDE soon) and Firefox web browser."

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gNewSense may no longer be based off of Ubuntu, but the Free Software Foundation-backed Linux distribution remains an important mile-marker of progress within the open-source community.

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If your mates want an upgrade, get 'em to buy a new PC says Microsoft

You're a Reg reader so chances are you're also informal, and unpaid, tech support for all manner of family members and friends.

sfcrazy writes "Bdale Garbee,chairman of the Debian Technical Committee, called for a ballot from the TC to chose the default init system. The votes are in systemd is the clear winner here. Bdale himself voted for systemd."

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Add some bling to your desktop with UpClock – a desktop clock widget inspired by the Ubuntu Touch welcome screen.

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It may not be as fast, featured or famous as the big-name browsers but GNOME's 'Web' is quietly emerging from the sidelines as a competent, compelling alternative.

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Readers' corner This commentard needs your input

We return from our regular trawl of El Reg Forums with this nugget from Bronek Kozicki, who is rebuilding his home PC "for serious use". He wants your advice on which combo of Linux distro and virtual machine would work best.

Unique 'smart covers' make modding your mobe a snap

Upstart Finnish smartphone company Jolla has released a developer kit that enables independent tinkerers to create devices for The Other Half (TOH), Jolla's exclusive, snap-on peripheral system.

Using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? Want to update to the latest version of the popular VLC media player? Here's all you need to know on how to go about it.

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Updated 'I had to sort everything by myself' alleges irate chap

A customer of domain name and web hosting provider 123-reg blames the firm for a domain hack that redirected surfers to malicious sites pushing a ransomware scam.