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Ubuntu is working to improve its support for high pixel density displays, like the Retina screen used in Apple's Macbook Pro line.

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A point release? FORTRAN? Yes this does matter, especially to HPC folks

The decade-old Open MPI project, beloved of the HPC community, has shipped code for a major feature release that brings it close to a complete MPI 3 implementation.

The fourth point update to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has been made available for download.

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Vodafone has been confirmed as the latest member of Canonical's 'Carrier Advisory Group' (CAG) for Ubuntu for Phones.

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In this episode: Linux is invading every part of your home, fridges and routers are sending spam and how your car is going to drive you home from the pub. We look at what's happening with Steam OS, the Red Hat CentOS deal and the end of support for Ubuntu 13.04. Plus we discover accessible Linux distros, the UK Police Crime Map and that hard drives are reliable!

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Airy-fairy vapour or something firmer?

Searching the Reg' for "Cloud + Storage" mentions in 2013 gets you 44 pages of results. So let's take it as read that it's a hot topic.

Ups serious open source fix reward to $10,000

Google is so happy with its bug bounty program that it has increased the rewards given for flaw-finding and has added all of its home-grown apps and extensions for Chrome to the prize pot.

Ask any Linux developer for a top 10 rogues list of open source foes, and Nvidia is likely to appear near the top. This week, however, Linus Torvalds gave a thumbs up to Nvidia developer Alexandre Courbot's announcement of the release of "experimental" driver patches for the "GK20A" Mobile Kepler graphics processing unit inside Nvidia's upcoming Tegra K1 system-on-chip. 

It's surely a testament to Red Hat's prominence in the cloud arena that the makers of key enterprise technologies increasingly want to work with its cloud offerings, and on Tuesday, storage company Inktank provided a perfect example. Specifically, Inktank launched version 1.1 of Inktank Ceph Enterprise, an upgrade that's certified for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

The Simple Direct Media layer (SDL), used in a growing number of high-profile games, has added support for Ubuntu's Mir display server.

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