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As big ol' rumour fish go this one is a whopper. We'll leave it up to you whether you're willing to reel it in or, for those who've smelt too much fishy speculation over the years, cast it back.

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With the first Ubuntu Phones still on course to ship later this year, its developers are now in the final furlong of preparing for a 'Release To Manufacturing' milestone.

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Anything that simple to use has got to be complex to set up

OpenStack looks like it will inject some $3.3bn into the market by 2018, growing from $890m this year according to 451 Research's recent Open Stack Pulse 2014 report.

New Linux users can find the answers to all of their basic questions in this tutorial. What is Linux? Why use it? What is a distribution and how do I choose one? How do I install applications? And more.

Home automation hubs have emerged as the tech startup product of choice in 2014, and most run on embedded Linux. This slide show presentation covers 10 Linux-based and two Android-based home automation systems starting at under $300.

SUSE shows that it's also a player in the OpenStack cloud races with its latest IaaS cloud, SUSE Cloud 4.
ClusterHQ product released today

What on Earth is a Flocker? It's a piece of open source software that lets you run databases, key-value stores and queues inside Docker containers, and comes from ClusterHQ.

Docker-friendly Linux to offer private repository storage

Cloud-friendly Linux vendor CoreOS has snapped up Docker container hosting startup Quay for an undisclosed sum, in a move designed to flesh out its offering for business customers.

Type 'Can Ubuntu' into Google and you'll see suggested terms based on the queries being typed most by searchers — but what are the answers?

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Issue 188, September 2014 - on sale now Speed up Linux

Give your distro a speed boost with our ultimate guide to speeding up Linux. We show you how to start smarter with Systemd, optimise your file system, improve app performance and a lot more.

We also investigate the state of 4K support on Linux - is our favourite operating system ready for the hot new technology?

We also look at how open source and open platforms will be shaping the future of education in the UK, and delve deep into Arch Linux.

As usual we also have top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.

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