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Drafts out now, actual standards planned for release by year's end

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is seeking industry comment for a bunch of network function virtualisation (NFV) standard drafts published at the beginning of August.

Seven flaws to fix in Flash, but do the Reader fix first cos' it's under attack already

Adobe has patched seven vulnerabilities in its Flash and Air platforms and one in Reader and Acrobat that is being exploited by attackers.

IT infrastructure has long been an enterprise commodity – relatively cheap and abundant. But hardware is no less important in solving today's IT challenges, from big data and the cloud, to mobile, social and security, says Doug Balog, the general manager for IBM Power Systems.

Don't go until you've shut these remote-code exec holes

True to its word, Microsoft released nine security patches this month, two of which are rated as critical.

itwbennett writes: The first large-scale analysis of firmware has revealed poor security practices that could present opportunities for hackers probing the Internet of Things. Researchers with Eurecom, a technology-focused graduate school in France, developed a web crawler that plucked more than 30,000 firmware images from the websites of manufacturers including Siemens, Xerox, Bosch, Philips, D-Link, Samsung, LG and Belkin. In one instance, the researchers found a Linux kernel that was 10 years out of date bundled in a recently released firmware image. They also uncovered 41 digital certificates in firmware that were self-signed and contained a private RSA encryption key and 326 instances of terms that could indicate the presence of a backdoor.

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Updates a-comin' for those who haven't traded up to version 7

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 hit general availability in July, but that doesn't mean Shadowman has stopped polishing the version 6 branch of its flagship Linux distribution, despite it being nearly four years old.

Want a more up-to-date Red Hat Enterprise Linux but not ready to jump all the way the RHEL 7? Then this beta is for you.

With retro-styled visuals and plinky soundscapes, I couldn't resist taking old-school rhythm-based puzzle game 'Micron' for a spin.

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