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Company warns of active attacks on browsers

Adobe has issued an out-of-band fix to address what the company warns is an actively-targeted vulnerability in its Flash media plug-in.

Firefox 27 has been released by Mozilla with major improvements to the in-browser social integration feature.

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cold fjord writes "IEEE Spectrum reports, "About once a year, the Linux Foundation analyzes the online repository that holds the source code of the kernel, or core, of the Linux operating system. As well as tracking the increasing complexity of the ever-evolving kernel over a series of releases from versions 3.0 to 3.10, the report also reveals who is contributing code, and the dominant role corporations now play in what began as an all-volunteer project in 1991. While volunteer contributors still represent a plurality among developers, over 80 percent of code is contributed by people who are paid for their work. ""

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Following Xubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME, it's now Ubuntu's turn to seek out a new set of community sourced backgrounds.

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The upcoming release of Wayland 1.5 could delay the arrival of GNOME 3.12.

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Of all the contentious UI changes to feature in Unity – from auto-hiding menus and immovable launcher position – one stirs up more passion than any other: the inability to minimise applications by clicking on an app icon.

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Google Now fan? Here's how to enable the feature in the latest developer builds of Chrome for Linux.

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Storage software firm cosies up to Linux king

Inktank has made its all-singing, all-dancing software-defined storage Ceph product play nicer with Red Hat.

Ever wish you could manage your Skype activities in GNOME Shell without needing to have the app font and centre all the time?

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New glorious people's UI brings fruity flavor to NORKS PCs

The latest version of North Korea's official operating system has been given a makeover that lends it an all-too-familiar look and feel.