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Doesn't anyone know anything about SQL? Or Java? Or Linux? Or programming? Or...

The UK is crying out for engineers and IT staff, according to a KPMG and REC report, which reckons demand for techies is at its highest in 16 years.

But with iPhone launch within days, who will hit the shelves first with toughened displays?

Huawei claims it has the world’s first smartphone with a tough sapphire glass screen – beating Apple to the all-important vaporware space.

Linux has everything you need to build a solid computing infrastructure for your business.

Prior to this week's IFA show in Berlin, Samsung showed off its third Tizen Linux-based smartwatch. The Gear S offers several innovations compared to the Tizen-based Gear 2 and Gear Neo smartwatches, including autonomous operation and a curved screen. 

We're swamped by the latest Linux gaming news! To get back on top of things, here are the biggest gaming stories of the past fortnight.

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And no, you don't have to be a virgin. Linux fancier joke here

Ubuntu 14.10, nicknamed Utopic Unicorn, is coming in just a few months. Alpha releases have been available for some time but beta testing started last week, meaning code is generally stable enough for virtual machines and other testing scenarios.

Spencer Hunley explains why attending LinuxCon North America in Chicago last month gave him a renewed sense of drive, inspired him to not give up, and helped him realize he's not alone.

VLC is a must-have media player if you are using Linux for your entertainment needs. When it comes to PC entertainment, it's good to have a program that handles most of your needs. VLC has multiple tools for a good video playback experience. There is something new to learn the more you use it. More importantly, it gives its all when reading removable media.

This year's Xen Project User Summit will highlight many of the newest advances in virtualization. If you use the Xen Project Hypervisor -- or if you are simply evaluating your virtualization alternatives -- join us in New York on September 15!

An anonymous reader writes Akamai Technologies is alerting enterprises to a high-risk threat of IptabLes and IptabLex infections on Linux systems. Malicious actors may use infected Linux systems to launch DDoS attacks against the entertainment industry and other verticals. The mass infestation of IptabLes and IptabLex seems to have been driven by a large number of Linux-based web servers being compromised, mainly by exploits of Apache Struts, Tomcat and Elasticsearch vulnerabilities. Attackers have used the Linux vulnerabilities on unmaintained servers to gain access, escalate privileges to allow remote control of the machine, and then drop malicious code into the system and run it. As a result, a system could then be controlled remotely as part of a DDoS botnet. The full advisory is available for download only with registration, but the (Akamai-owned) Prolexic page to do so is quite detailed.

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