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Over the past few months software developer Morgan Phillips has begun to teach herself how the Linux kernel works by studying text books. But instead of taking notes, she weaves the new terminology and ideas she learns into poetry about system architecture and programming concepts.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are increasing in their popularity. We've seen first hand how much people want to be able to access and learn new information on their own schedule. For example, our Introduction to Linux MOOC, hosted by edX, has received more than 150,000 registrations, and it doesn't even start until August 1.

Sam Lanning is a computer science student at Oxford University and a sponsored member of the AllSeen Alliance. Sponsored members are reserved for organizations such as non-profits, associations or academic institutions and can be admitted by a majority AllSeen board vote.

A native Linux release of tactical turn-based game 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown', first released in 2012, has been made available to buy on Steam.

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US$620,000 snatched by German hacker 'Folio', we're told

Dell says skilled attackers have made a staggering $620,000 in the Dogecoin crypto-currency by exploiting vulnerable Synology network attached storage (NAS) boxes.

Root exploit appears, but 1.0 release is safe

A security exploit has surfaced that can allow rogue programs to break out of Docker containers and access files on their host OS, but the flaw has been sealed in the latest version of the tech.

Canonical software engineers have shared word on work they've been doing to get GTK+ applications running on Mir in Unity 8 on Ubuntu 14.10.

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Now that the Chinese government has revealed the patents within Microsoft's Android patent portfolio, Microsoft may soon be facing challenges from vendors over its Android patent licensing agreements.

Skype for Linux has been bumped to version 4.3, and features a refreshed user interface and improved desktop features.

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New switch spells doom, gloom and, yes, more gloom for trad networking vendors

Facebook's director of technical operations, Najam Ahmad, says his company is only "one per cent" done with changing data center hardware, but we reckon that with the reveal of its new open networking equipment projects, Cisco and other incumbents are hoping it will slow down.