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An anonymous reader writes "Researchers at the Kaspersky Lab have uncovered a zero-day Adobe Flash vulnerability that affects Windows, OS X, and Linux. 'While the exploit Kaspersky observed attacked only computers running Microsoft Windows, the underlying flaw, which is formally categorized as CVE-2014-1776 and resides in a Flash component known as the Pixel Bender, is present in the Adobe application built for OS X and Linux machines as well.' Adobe has reportedly patched the bug for all platforms. Researchers first detected the bug from attacks performed on seven Syrian computers. The attacks seem to have been hosted on the Syrian Ministry of Justice website, which has led to speculation that these are state-sponsored vulnerability exploits. This speculation is further supported by evidence that one of the exploits was 'designed to target computers that have the Cisco Systems MeetingPlace Express Add-In version 5x0 installed. The app is used to view documents and images during Web conferences.'"

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Crisis is a difficult thing. In fact, by definition it means a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention.  

Mozilla has issued the latest update to their Firefox browser, and unlike most recent releases this one packs some very significant changes.

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A recent bug report filed against the Ubuntu website claims that Ubuntu for Android, first demoed in 2012, is 'no longer in development'.

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Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin appeared today on Bloomberg TV to discuss the Core Infrastructure Initiative, an industry response to the OpenSSL heartbleed bug.

For the first time, the Linux Foundation’s SPDX Workgroup is geared up to participate in the 2014 Google Summer of Code internship program. The goal was to engage students in open source projects, learn a bit about open source compliance, and meet open source community members. We had excellent responses in our first year, with a total of four projects accepted from three different universities.

The tech giants will be supporting mission-critical open-source software development with the Core Infrastructure Initiative and here's how it's going to work.

Migrating from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS brings a number of great benefits, but sometimes all you need is a familiar face. Here's how to get a two panel GNOME desktop in Ubuntu 14.04.

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Mad dash to slap critical patch on zero day hole

Adobe is pushing out a cross-platform security fix for a bug in its Flash Player that miscreants are already exploiting.

Enlightenment is not your ordinary drag and drop interface. In fact, just getting launchers onto a shelf (Enlightenment's “panel”) can be a task... unless you know the process.