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Linux love for Bezos' goods is not illegal, says UK watchdog

The Amazon "shopping suggestions" feature built into Ubuntu desktops does not violate consumer protections under European and UK privacy law.

Before he lost his arm serving as a Marine in Iraq in 2005, Jonathan Kuniholm was pursuing a PhD in biomedical engineering. Now as a founder of the Open Prosthetics Project Kuniholm is working to make advanced, inexpensive prosthetics available to amputees around the globe through the creation and sharing of open source hardware designs.

KDE has announced the first big update to KDE Frameworks 5, the first in a series of planned monthly releases. I love the smell of progress.

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Ubuntu's controversial 'Amazon shopping' feature has been deemed compliant with data protection and privacy laws by the UK's Information Commissioner's Office.

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Help The Social NetworkTM make the kernel better

Facebook wants better comms performance from the Linux kernel, and is recruiting developers to get it.

Black Hat 2014 Destroy the software industry before it destroys the world, says Dan Geer

Computer security luminary Dan Geer has proposed a radical shakeup of the software industry in hope of avoiding total disaster online.

Microsoft's wrestling match with Samsung may just be a contract fight, or it could be the beginning of a war over the validity of Microsoft's Android patents.

The benefits for users are almost too numerous to count, but most IT professionals agree that cloud computing epitomizes constant change. Its ability to provide ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of networks, servers, storage, and services whenever and wherever they are needed is creating both market opportunity and market upheaval.

Docker's container take on virtualization keeps getting more and more popular as openSUSE adopts it for use.

Katherine Noyes presents three key features in Linux 3.16, the latest in the series known as "Shuffling Zombie Juror."