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Ad giant lifts curtain on how it uses virtualization's successor TWO BILLION TIMES A WEEK

Google is now running "everything" in its mammoth cloud on top of a potential open source successor to virtualization, paving the way for other companies to do the same.

Unreal Engine developers Epic Games are making Linux a "first class member" of the Unreal Engine family for both gamers and developers.

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Analysis Plus: Why it wants to be like IBM, not Sun

Hewlett-Packard has committed $1bn to OpenStack, a Linux for the cloud, over the next two years.

Alan Clark, SUSE open source director and OpenStack board chairman, gives his top OpenStack Summit takeaways.

On May 8, we asked our readers to choose their favorite Linux- or Android-ready hacker single board computers, and the results are in. Not surprisingly, the highest ranked SBCs were the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black, but some other entries on the reader-generated Top 10 list were unexpected, as were the responses to some of our follow-on questions.

A key to broader workforce mobility?

Five Lumia phones leaning against each other Nokia Lumia 630: Will enterprises bite?

Academic iron across 19 nations now more accessible

After a three-year project, the European Grid Infrastructure project has pulled the big red switch on its federated cloud, which it says pools the resources of academic iron in 19 EU countries.

Game remotely with new Steam screen-sharing tech

Games maker Valve has launched Steam In-Home Streaming, a new service that allows Steam subscribers to view and play games that are running on their primary PCs on devices located anywhere in their homes.