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Analysis Wrong. It could. Look at history – and Redmond ought to swot up, too

Microsoft isn't used to being the underdog, but the company which owns the desktop is losing its grip on customers' wallets. While buying Nokia is an audacious move to redress that, to make it work Microsoft needs to understand some of Nokia's history.

Rackspace, the Web hosting company behind OpenStack, has been approached by companies looking for strategic partnerships or acquisitions.
Red Hat's latest version of its OpenShift platform-as-a-service cloud is now available.

Linux Creator Linus Torvalds appeared in a video this week to introduce the Linux Foundation's new Introduction to Linux Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with edX.

Well, that didn't stay a secret for very long.

I've gotten a number of questions about this, so just to clear things up - yes, we are planning to give Gear 2 watches to Tizen Developer Conference attendees.

If you've checked out the schedule, you'll see that there is a "Wearables" track.  This should be pretty cool, particularly for app developers who can see this new ecosystem on the horizon and want to get in on the ground floor.  And of course, what better way to get started than to do so on your own device?

We're looking forward to another good conference this year, and hope you can join us! As I'd mentioned previously, when you register as an attendee, use the code LFCOMTDC14 to get 50% off the registration price.

See you in San Francisco!

Strange couple agree to merge – what does it all mean?

Perennial loss-making Overland Storage will merge with Canadian company Sphere 3D.

Ubuntu's official Chinese flavour, Kylin, has struck its first major OEM deal with computing giant HP.

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Intel's handy GPU driver installer for Linux has been updated to support Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

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After 18 months of support today is the day that the Quantal Quetzal spreads its wings to fly off into the sunset...

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Blocks and Files Well, OK. That's one way of hooking up servers to data

The rack-scale flash array technology EMC gained in its DSSD gobble connects to a server using PCIe. That's according to an interview by Barrons with EMC’s product ops head Jeremy Burton.