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One reason technology choices are so difficult is technology is always a work in progress; your one choice has lasting consequences since the technology rarely ever lives on its own, and most good technology is never done -- that is unless you’re Windows XP. As most of us know, Microsoft today is turning off support for Windows XP. That means that roughly 30 percent of all Windows users will cease to get security updates and other ongoing maintenance. Since hackers disproportionately target Windows products, this is a big deal.

Today, April 8, finally sees Microsoft cut the cord on Windows XP after more than eleven years of support — or does it?

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Thanks to WINE and its commercial big brother, CrossOver, you can run some popular Windows programs on Linux.
In this example, I'm installing Microsoft Office 2010 on Mint 16 using CrossOver Linux 13.1.2.
Ad firm's cloud wing tries on the Red Fedora

Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers can now shift their licenses from on-premise gear up into Google's cloud as well as Amazon's.

Data science still has a long way to go in developing systems that solve real-world, human problems, said Hilary Mason, data scientist in residence at Accel Partners, in her ApacheCon keynote today. The open source community will be key to helping big data evolve into a more accessible technology.

It is often touted as a superior alternative to the perennially popular VoIP service Skype — but is Viber truly able to live up to such claims?

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Big Blue's big $5bn bet adjusted, modified, reduced, back for more

IBM's System 360 mainframe, celebrating its 50th anniversary on Monday, was more than a just another computer.

Ignore our 'overly aggressive' warnings, says Redmond, your VMs are healthy

If Microsoft's Hyper-V was found to treat Linux guests as second-class citizens, the resulting storm of controversy would probably generate enough heat and light to make a dent in some climate change models.

Upgrading from Windows XP to Lubuntu? This XP-style theme should make the switch easier, resembling Microsoft's aged OS in almost every area.

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