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Sid Meier's next Civilization game, titled 'Beyond Earth', will be available on Linux at launch later this year.

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An anonymous reader writes "The Linux 3.15 kernel now in its early life will be able to suspend and resume much faster than previous versions of the Linux kernel. A few days ago we saw ACPI and Power Management updates that enable asynchronous threads for more suspend and resume callbacks. Carrying out more async operations leads to reduced time for the system suspend and then resuming. According to one developer, it was about an 80% time savings within one of the phases. On Friday, work was merged that ensured the kernel is no longer blocked by waiting for ATA devices to resume. Multiple ATA devices can be woken up simultaneously, and any ATA commands for the device(s) will be queued until they have powered up. According to an blog post on the ATA/SCSI resume optimization patches, when tested on three Intel Linux systems the resume time was between 7x and 12x faster (not including the latest ACPI/PM S&R optimizations)."

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I come not to praise these programs, but to bury them. And, boy, from the smell of some of these -- they really need to be buried!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a $30 computer-on-module version of its Raspberry Pi single board computer, extending the Pi to a wider "business and industrial" market.

KVM, Linux's built-in hypervisor for the x86 chip family will be available at the end of this quarter for IBM's Power chip family.
Windows Flash Array

Violin Memory's Steve Willson gave part of the game away on March 24, with a TechNet UK blog post: Violin's new array runs SQL 2014 in memory.

The Linux Foundation takes security very seriously. We, like many others, use the popular OpenSSL library to secure our web services. Within hours of the publishing of the OpenSSL advisory Tuesday and the LWN news report, we began patching our affected SSL services, which we completed Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (07:45 UTC). All SSL sites we manage have had newly-generated certificates installed.

Updated Bloke behind the cockup says not enough people are helping crucial crypto project

Robin Seggelmann, the man who accidentally introduced the password-leaking Heartbleed bug into OpenSSL, says not enough people are scrutinizing the crucial cryptographic library.

I'm not a massive podcast fan, but I know plenty of people who are and one of the chief complaints I hear is that Linux lacks a decent app for managing them. But hopefully this won't be the case for much longer.

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Avid Apt users among you that are already running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS may want to enable the following new feature to make Terminal-time a tad more helpful.

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