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According to Hoyle, your DRAM is at 0x80000000

Brit processor core designer ARM has forged a specification to smash through a significant barrier to the widespread adoption of its highly customizable chip architecture in data centers.

Linux Foundation Vice President and creator of LinuxCon and CloudOpen Amanda McPherson recently blogged about our 2014 event schedule. New on the calendar this year is the addition of both ApacheCon and the CloudStack Collaboration Conference. The CFP for both of these events closes this Saturday, as does the CFP for The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, Android Builders Summit and Embedded Linux Conference.

Here are some highlights for each event:

Mirroring the quality of my laptop's microphone, Skype has quietly pushed out an update to their Linux client this week.

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Review Embedded Linux, meet Arduino - Chipzilla style

Any notions that the Arduino platform is completely wedded to the Atmel ATmega family of microcontrollers have been shattered. The ARM-equipped Arduino Tre, which is based on Texas Instruments’ Sitara chip, is coming in the spring. And here, now is Intel’s Galileo, an Arduino board based on one of Chipzilla’s x86 processors, the 400MHz Quark X1000 system-on-a-chip.

Many of us spend time re-installing apps and PPAs on a fresh Ubuntu install. Utility 'Aptik' can help automate the process.

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Come together...

Converged storage is the coming together of storage and compute in the same box. Didn't this used to be called a server, before the days of networked storage?

SmartAboutThings writes "We are less than a month away from seeing the first ever Tizen smartphone from Samsung. The leaked image points toward a Feb. 24th launch date at MWC 2014 in Barcelona. The phone design is very similar to Galaxy phones, while the UI reminds us of Windows Phone 8. Samsung is also one of the world's top smartphone vendors, so it should have a decent chance at developing a mobile OS of its own, don't you think?"

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Reveals 64-bit A1100 silicon

AMD today rolled the dice on a risky proposition: enthusiasm for ARM-powered servers in the data center.

Xubuntu has revealed the winning community wallpapers that will be included in its upcoming 14.04 release.

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openSUSE fans claim it has the best KDE4 implementation, and is an all-around uber-nice distro. Does it? Is it?