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Securo-bods in bunfight over priv-escalation problem

A dispute has arisen about the seriousness of a vulnerability in Linux, dubbed "Grinch", that supposedly creates a privilege escalation risk.

IBM win means Linux is saved! Again!

IBM has had a win in its long court battle with SCO over just who owns Unix and, by extension, whether Linux is an unauthorised clone.

Next OS to come built into auto dashboards, sources claim

Google is planning a big push into in-car infotainment systems with an upcoming version of Android, sources claim.

The first alpha releases in the Ubuntu 15.04 development cycle are now available to download for testing.

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Linux firm ups annual guidance yet again

Red Hat chief financial officer Charlie Peters announced on Wednesday that he's stepping down from the company, even as it reported another quarter of strong earnings that beat even its own guidance.

There are lots of Linux laptops, but none that have the Free Software Foundation's blessings. That may change.
itwbennett writes In a blog post Tuesday, security service provider Alert Logic warned of a Linux vulnerability, named grinch after the well-known Dr. Seuss character, that could provide attackers with unfettered root access. The fundamental flaw resides in the Linux authorization system, which can inadvertently allow privilege escalation, granting a user full administrative access. Alert Logic warned that Grinch could be as severe as the Shellshock flaw that roiled the Internet in September. Update: 12/19 04:47 GMT by S : Reader deathcamaro points out that Red Hat and others say this is not a flaw at all, but expected behavior.

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The first Ubuntu Phone will go on sale in Europe in the second week of February.

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Organizations like GENIVI are creating specifications that provide a consistent foundation for the use of open source for In-Vehicle Infotainment systems. In yet another step along this path, Tizen IVI recently achieved GENIVI 7.0 compliance.

China's youth developer community is invited to participate in the 'Ubuntu Developer Innovation Contest' with the chance to win 70,000RMB cash.

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