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Vintage coders required break out the oscilloscopes and revive ancient kit

If you've got a bunch of old computer languages under your belt, the Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Washington, wants you.

DockerCon No more running with scissors for organizations keen on Linux containerization

"Some of you guys I've never met in person but we've spent entire nights fixing bugs together," said Docker creator Solomon Sykes on Monday, moments before the open source technology went into its 1.0 release.

Want applications to run on the newly released Docker 1.0? The company has you covered.
Some people won't 'have the aptitude,' Linux creator claims

Outspoken Linux creator Linus Torvalds has taken issue with the oft-repeated assertion that in today's world everybody should learn computer programming, saying he just doesn't believe in it.

With the release of Docker 1.0, container technology took a big step forward in catching up with enterprise datacenter and cloud virtualization.
Apache Mesos startup rakes in cash to bring megacloud guts to private server barns

The starting gun has been fired on the race to build the fundamental software for modern cloud data centers, and Mesosphere is running ahead with an armful of dollar bills.

DockerCon No sight of swarthy, foul-mouthed, drink-happy dockers in SF HQ - yet

Linux container specialist Docker has launched two initiatives to provide services and quality assurance around its eponymous packaged software tech.

jfruh (300774) writes "Blue River Technology built a robot named LettuceBot that uses computer vision to kill unwanted lettuce plants in a field. Rather than build their creation from scratch, they built off of the Robot Operating System, an open source OS that, in the words of one engineer, 'allowed only a few engineers to write an entire system and receive our first check for service in only a few months.' With ROS robots starting to appear everywhere, including the International Space Station, it looks like open source may be making huge strides in this area."

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To be included in the short list of best distros for Linux newbies, a distribution must be incredibly user-friendly; include, out of the box, all common apps; include some form of an app store; and offer a modern user interface.

How to build and program an Arduino reminder machine to play motion-activated audio reminders.